July Blog Calendar

Women in Business Management
Business Mistakes: Tylenol
Business Mistakes: Shell Oil
Business Mistakes: Toyota
Business Mistakes: BP

Women in Entrepreneurship
Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid: Failure to Differentiate
Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid: Throw Marketing Out the Window
Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid: Hiring Untalented People
Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid: Losing Key Sources of Cash Flow

Women as Leaders
Becoming a Courageous Leader: Learn to Ask the Right Questions
Becoming a Courageous Leader: Find Problems and Eliminate Them
Becoming a Courageous Leader: Accept Responsibility
Becoming a Courageous Leader: Be Honest and Realistic

Women and Family
Summer Activities for Families: Sports
Summer Activities for Families: Summer Reading Materials
Summer Activities for Families: Family Reunions
Summer Activities for Families: Staying Safe this Summer

Women and Faith
Vacation Bible School: Find the Right Program for Your Child
Vacation Bible School: Be Prepared
Vacation Bible School: Maximize Your Child’s Learning
Vacation Bible School: Lessons to Adapt to Life

Women’s Special Topics
Women in the Military: Early Involvement
Women in the Military: Decorated Women
Women in the Military: Women’s Military Groups
Women in the Military: Women in the Military Today