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An Effective (and Underused) Way to Reassure and Motivate Employees

Have you ever taken a yoga class?  If so, most likely you have experienced the instructor moving around the classroom adjusting the students and making sure their poses are correct.  Sure this “touch” is an important element of the instruction, but it has a deeper benefit than just achieving the correct pose.
And that is [...]


The Pros and Cons of Hiring Retired Baby Boomers for Your Business

It’s no surprise that more Americans are working well past the usual retirement age. As economic pressures continue, the decision for the 77 million aging baby boomers to remain in the workforce — or return after retiring — becomes less about choice and more about necessity. Small-business owners who choose to tap into this experienced [...]



Over the years, I have been blessed to have worked with and beside many successful entrepreneurs.  During that time, I have adopted a formula for successful entrepreneurship that I call the Eight P’s. 


Always be passionate about what you do.  Mark Twain says, “Success is when your vocation becomes a vacation.” I love saying that [...]


How to Deal with a Difficult Colleague in the Workplace

You probably work with at least one person who simply gets on your nerves.  Although you hate to admit it, interacting with him or her is a struggle and the person’s actions set you on edge. We’ve all encountered them during our careers and just have to figure out a way to work amicably and [...]


The Mompreneur: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Oh, the freedom of being your own boss. So many working mothers see it as the answer to their work-life balance woes, but once they embark on entrepreneurship many get a harsh dose of reality and before long realize it can be so much harder than they could have ever imagined.
There is a growing trend [...]


Men Vs. Women Managers — If you could choose who would it be?

Anyone out there still believe there’s no difference in the way men and women managers behave in business? I’m sure all of us have had both good and bad experiences with men and women supervisors and I realize that there are many exceptions to the rule, but there is indisputable science behind the whole Mars [...]