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Business Mistakes: Tylenol

On May 27, 2010, Johnson and Johnson recalled several products following over 700 reports of serious side effects.  Following the most recent recall, Johnson & Johnson has suspended production at McNeil’s facility in Fort Washington, Penn., that manufactured the children’s drugs.
McNeil’s latest recall is its fourth in the past seven months:

In November 2009, five lots [...]


Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid: Failure to Differentiate

Is it better to launch products and services into the market or to specialize in select areas of your expertise within an industry?  Many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle (and waste precious resources) with identifying the best way to bring their ideas to the marketplace. Without a proper business model and market opportunity, the new business venture, [...]


Becoming a Courageous Leader: Learn to Ask the Right Questions

Management guru Peter Drucker wrote in one of his famous books that, “Leaders spend too much time trying to come up with the right answers, when they should instead seek to ask the right questions.”  Drucker’s pearl of wisdom applies to leaders who wish to find the source of every problem and eliminate future issues.
Asking [...]


Summer Activities for Families: Sports

Children respond well to physical activity, and the benefits of engaging in sports, both organized and amateur, are multiple.  I have mentioned before on this blog that childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate.  Diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure, diseases commonly associated with the elderly, plague children as a result.
It is critical that [...]


Vacation Bible School: Find the Right Program for Your Child

Vacation Bible School provides much more than informal Christian education.  For many children, VBS is the first place where children meet childhood friends of a similar faith, dedicate themselves to church outreach programs and engage in concentrated studies of the Bible.  Many families may not attend church on a regular basis, but they may send [...]


Women in the Military: Early Involvement

Women have been established as an integral part of American history since the Colonial Era.  From the colonies establishment in the 1600’s to present day, women have stepped forward to serve and protect the land they love alongside their brothers, husbands and other family members.  Long before women were recognized officially for their involvement in [...]