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Guiding Businesses in Tough Economic Times: Telecommuting as an Alternative

Allowing employees to work from home provides each individual with the opportunity to boost productivity.  In addition, granting time away from the office to work is often considered an employee benefit that may be given in place of, or until, a pay raise or other benefits may be issued.
The office is a fast-paced environment filled [...]


Boosting Cash Flow: The Gift That Gives Back

Selling gift cards is one of the most powerful sales and marketing tactics an organization can employ to generate cash flow.  Not only do gift cards make excellent gifts, but they increase the size of your market with portable and convenient currency.
In addition, as mentioned in my previous post titled, “Boosting Cash Flow: The Need [...]


Business Ethics: Corporate Responsibility to the Environment

Most businesses focus on the bottom line of their quarterly profit and loss statement, particularly during today’s unstable and highly volatile economic climate.  However, despite recent financial setbacks, many companies continue to invest in generating environmentally-friendly solutions to maintain corporate responsibility around the globe.
One of the most popular programs for “green” organizations is the LEED [...]


The Balancing Act: Meeting the Needs of Young Adults

Teenagers need large quantities of your time and attention, especially those heavily involved in extracurricular activities.  However, these activities are an essential element of a healthy lifestyle and increase college prospects.  Accounting to the United States Census, “About 75 percent of 12- to- 17-year-old children who participated in an extracurricular activity are on track academically [...]


Faith in the Workplace: Recruit with Enthusiasm and Caution

Most organizations enforce policies that deter employees from engaging openly in recruitment for religious purposes, including persuading others to join a particular affiliation or organization.  Anyone who chooses to disregard the organizational policies treads on thin ice and risks his or her employment for engaging in such activity.  At the same time, the world needs [...]


Women in Film: Women’s Roles

According to Jen Gallogly, women’s right advocate and educator, “As far as the portrayals of women in films for the masses, men have been the creators and writers of our Westerns and therefore have been inclined to relegate women to the roles of saloon girls and schoolmarms.” She argues further that the women receive passive [...]