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Ten Successful Habits of Female Business Managers: Feed Your Intellect

Most business managers rely upon brain power and experience to make decisions and guide organizations towards success and achievement.  To enhance and enrich intellectual power, put forth the time and effort necessary to update your skills and expand your intellectual library. 
According to the United States Department of Education, women currently make up about fifty seven [...]


The Best Books About Entrepreneurship: “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by Peter F. Drucker

Peter Drucker, often referred to as the “Father of Modern Management,” published “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in 1993.  Although the book is over fifteen years old, Drucker’s words continue to provide relevant advice for entrepreneurs.  This published work is considered the first to tackle the topic of innovation that laid the essential foundation of modern entrepreneurship.     
Entrepreneurs [...]


The Ten Cannons of Leadership: Become a Champion of Change

As you implement the Ten Cannons of Leadership described in many of my previous posts, it may become necessary to instigate major changes within your organization and among work teams.  Although change is a necessary function of remaining at the forefront of the market and retaining competitive edge, many individuals are resistant to change.
Resistance to [...]


Sportsmanship: A Disturbing Trend

On November 10, 2009, the CBS News/Associated Press published a story about a disturbing trend that has steadily gained a foothold in the world of athletics, violent conduct in women’s sports.  According to the article, titled “Violence Becoming the Norm for Women’s Sports,” this trend is likely due to the significant increase in women’s participation [...]


Women Who Make a Difference: Henrietta Hall Shuck

Henrietta Hall Shuck was born  October 28, 1817.  Little is known of her early life and education.  She was born in Virginia and was the daughter of the locally-infamous Reverend Addison Hall.  Henrietta married at the age of 16 to Reverend Jehu Lewis Shuck on September 8, 1835. Both she and her husband belonged to [...]


Female Executives in the Technology Industry: Morgan Webb

Best known for being an on-air personality on the G4 network, formally known as TechTV and G4TechTV, Morgan Webb has become an icon in the video gaming industry.  She is one of the industry’s most well known female reviewers and gamers.
According to her official bio page, Webb’s parents refused to let her watch television, but [...]