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Ten Habits of Successful Businesswomen: Take the Contingency Approach

Throughout the workday, managers are faced with a variety of problems that require a multi-disciplinary approach. Angelo Kinicki and Robert Kreitner, experts on organizational behavior, use the phrase “contingency approach to management” to best describe the collective use of all available research that can be applied to effective management practices. According to Kinicki [...]


Manage Your Self-Image: Perception

The professional world often judges women by how they appear and act, not by their talents and abilities. Often, the way women perceive themselves affects their professional demeanor and confidence as well. Perception is reality for many people. Many individuals rely on an individual’s projected exterior, not their internal giftedness, to make [...]


Mind Your Gaps: Make the Connection

Currently, the three most innovative companies in the world include Google, Apple and Facebook, according to  Others that fell in the Top Twenty included Method Cleaning Products, General Electric, Nintendo and Proctor and Gamble.  Interestingly, many of the companies that grace the top of the list are those that have reinvented themselves after loosing [...]


The Healthy Family: Healthy Lifestyles

Children establish life-long habits and routines at a very early age.  These habits, including daily hygienic care, exercise programs and diet are often displayed and reinforced by those closest to the child.  Many children learn from the actions of their parents, siblings, friends and childcare providers. 
It is critical that a healthy lifestyle is established at [...]


Inspiring Others: Be a Mentor

Many businesses indoctrinate their organizational culture by launching mentorship programs that include instilling core values and objectives, while creating a sense of togetherness within an organization.  This collective sense of family permeates throughout corporate divisions and should be felt by every member of the business.  In addition, a mentor can provide the moral groundwork and [...]


Current Female World Leaders: Christina Elizabeth Fernandez de Kirchner

Cristina Elizabeth Fernández de Kirchner, born February 19, 1953, is the current President of Argentina.  Before winning the election in 2008, she was a Senator for Buenos Aires Province.  In addition, she is the wife of former President of Argentina Néstor Kirchner and acted as First Lady during his term.
In the October 2007 general election, [...]