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Working from Home: The Juggle: Keeping Projects in Motion

Women who work from home often struggle with outside interference.  These distractions come in the form of family needs, household concerns and personal health and maintenance issues.  Emergency situations at home cause employees to re-consider their priorities, often placing quality work and dedication behind the needs of their families.  Overall, these competing demands slow and [...]


Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture: Managing Minimalism

Guy Kawasaki, one of the best authors and leading authority in entrepreneurship, advocates a concept he calls “bootstrapping.”  For many entrepreneurs, it is necessary to manage cash flow carefully to avoid over-spending.  Those lacking in significant funding must maintain a minimalist attitude until the business is capable of funding itself with positive cash flow.
Bootstrapping involves [...]


Zero Tolerance for Murderers: Neutralize or Eliminate Murderers

Over the month of August, I have discussed the detrimental effects of organizational murderers.  These individuals, often unintentionally, prevent progress by refusing to change or adapt their outdated processes, attitudes and standards.  Their inability to follow significant emerging trends often leads to declining sales, growth and profitability.
Through the process of mentoring, re-training and educating employees, [...]


Games to Teach Your Children About Business: Learning Resources Play Kits

Well-designed with lots of terrific detail, Learning Resources’ Calculator Cash Register satisfies completely a young child’s hunger to play with bills, coins, cash drawers and big numbers. The chiming cash register features a built-in solar calculator as its keypad, thus allowing kids to act as bankers, shopkeepers and accountants simultaneously. A large cash drawer holds [...]


The Stained Glass Ceiling: Women Pushing Through Barriers

According to an article published in the Religious Tolerance magazine in 2006, titled, “Women as Clergy: The Continuing Debate,” Christianity once perceived men and women on equal terms. “Before Jesus’ ministry, women’s roles were very severely restricted in society. During his ministry, he treated women and men equally, even though it offended many people. The [...]


Female World Leaders: Conquest and Leadership

Cleopatra VII Philopator was the last effective pharaoh of Egypt’s Ptolemaic dynasty. She originally shared power with her father Ptolemy XII, and later with her brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, but eventually gained sole rule. As pharaoh, she aligned herself with Gaius Julius Caesar advantageously, thus solidifying her grip on the throne. She eventually [...]