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Professional Attire: Finishing Touches

Over the past two weeks, I have discussed the process for choosing professional outfits and matching accessories. Once you have a few high-quality, fitted outfits that reflect your level of professionalism, choose accessories that coordinate well with the colors and styles you use in your professional wardrobe, and meet your technology needs in a fashionable [...]


Intrapreneurship: Taking Risks Within an Organization

Once you have researched a great opportunity and gathered an excellent team, you need to launch your new idea.  Much like entrepreneur, this process involves passion, dedication and tenacity.  Launching a new idea, even under the umbrella of a large organization, is extremely risky.  While an entrepreneur, if his or her business fails, would go [...]


Create and Fence Off IP Real Estate: The Valuation Game

Tangible assets are easy to value, depreciate and account for on the balance sheet.  However, intangible assets, including the value of a trademark, patent or copyright, are difficult to assess.  Playing the valuation game is frustrating and time-consuming, and the end result is often difficult to determine.  Follow these simple rules to eliminate the valuation [...]


Summer Activities for Children: Employment

For children of employment age, a summer job can truly enhance work ethic and teach new, valuable skills.  With an honest, fair and knowledgeable employer, your child will gain valuable life skills necessary for higher education and other worthwhile pursuits.  Punctuality, customer service, organization, responsibility and true management of skills are often reinforced by reputable [...]


Faith for Social Good: Multi-Faith Cooperatives for Community Service

The Auburn Theological Society is an excellent example of a multi-faith cooperative for community service.  The women’s multi-faith program initiative, launched by the Auburn Theological Society, began as an informal gathering of women from New York City churches, synagogues, and mosques. Today, over a decade later, the Women’s Multi-faith Planning Committee sponsors and develops educational [...]


Women in the Military: Recognized and Decorated Female Soldiers and Nurses

Dr. Mary Walker, a contract surgeon in the Civil War, was awarded the nation’s highest honor by President Andrew Johnson.  Whilst bestowing the nation’s highest honor to Walker, the President stated, “Whereas it appears from official reports that Dr. Mary E. Walker, a graduate of medicine, has rendered valuable service to the government, and her [...]