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Ten Pet Peeves for New College Graduates: Relating to Others and Avoiding Gossip

Office atmospheres are fragile ecosystems, where poisonous words and actions can destroy positive corporate culture and pleasant co-worker interactions very quickly.  Once communication among peers has been obliterated by awkward feelings, tension or resentment, job productivity declines rapidly.   
Most recent graduates are not strangers to the evils of gossip.  Sadly, female organizations, special interest groups and [...]


Rule Number Nine for Female Entrepreneurs: Update Your Business Plan and Investor Presentation

Many female entrepreneurs find themselves wondering when to update their business plans. As a business owner, it is wise to update your business plan constantly.  Businesses and ideas experience major, course-altering changes in a matter of seconds, and frequent updates to the plan and investor presentation are often a necessity to manage properly new directions.  [...]


Go Deep and Lateral: Touchdown!

Over the past few weeks, I have discussed key strategies for success, including strategic partnerships, innovation and delegation to competent employees and peers.  I have formulated offensive marketing plays and defensive tactics that relate to the fast-paced and highly competitive business world.  One ingredient remains in the recipe for strong leadership: focus. 
In a world where [...]


Choosing Education Providers: The College Years: Finding Internships

Great internships enrich and reinforce lessons learned in the classroom.  Few college graduates have extensive work experience, causing employers to examine the quality and duration of internships taken while attending an academic institution.  As a parent dedicated to your child’s success, assist your child in the research and selection of an excellent internship to ensure [...]


Women’s Faith-Based Organizations: Real Women Project

In 1998 three women, Dr. Donna Brooks, retired ob-gyn physician, Cathy Conheim, a psychotherapist, and Dr. Barbara Levy, a practicing gynecologist, gathered to share thoughts and pose this question, “If we could change one thing in women’s health in the next century that would impact women the most, what would it be?” The idea was [...]


Women’s Inventions: The Windshield Wiper, Invented by Mary Anderson

Prior to 1903, automobile drivers had no way of clearing their vision while driving in rain, snow or other inclement weather.  During a trip to New York City, Mary Anderson noticed that streetcar drivers had to open the windows when it rained to see.  During snowy or icy weather, drivers dealt with accumulating debris by [...]