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Relating to Other Women in the Power Structure

Management positions in the upper echelons of the business arena are often limited, and the competition to obtain and hold onto one of those positions is fierce.  I often see women engaging in gossip, backstabbing and other negative forms of behavior in their efforts to compete with one another.
In addition to negative forms of communication, [...]


Molecules, Molecules, Molecules…

Last week, I discussed the bicycle wheel model for success.  I suggested that the hub of the tire represents a central idea in need of momentum and development, and the spokes of the tire represent critical components that you must build as you develop your business plan.  The tire is made of strategic partnerships, employees [...]


Mind Your Body: Running on Empty

Stress in small amounts can sharpen your mind, press your fast-forward buttons, and hone in your concentration.  Unfortunately, long-term exposure to stress has multiple downsides.  According to, chronic stress increases your likeliness to develop heart disease, digestive problems, depression, obesity, auto-immune complications and skin conditions.  In addition, your patience and tolerance fuses will blow, [...]


The Prodigy at Work

It is not uncommon for parents to hire their own children.  Entrepreneurs place their children in their corporate structure to maintain a direct succession and to teach valuable life skills.  Women in business and management may create employment opportunities for their children in preparation for college, to transition from school to working life or for [...]


Commandment Four: Select and Protect Wise Choices

After the well-known binding and near sacrifice of Isaac, Sarah, Abraham’s wife, died. After taking care of her burial, Abraham decided to find a wife for his son Isaac, who was at least 37 years old. He commanded his servant Eliezer of Damascus to journey to his birthplace to select a bride from his own [...]


Mental Healthcare: Women Helping Women

Although women can be found in all sectors of health care, women are most prevalent in the mental health care industry, where they act as psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and social workers.  According to, a website dedicated to providing accurate statistics on women, a higher incidence of depression and suicidal thoughts occur within the female [...]