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Are You Innovating to Stay Alive?

Business innovation can be defined as new products, services and/or ways of developing value that provide new sources of revenue and better productivity for a company. Too often, companies are married to specific products and services that have delivered a great source of revenue in the past, but current sales are leveling off or [...]


Are You the Real Deal? Attribute Number Two: Devotion to Hours of Gutsy Hard Work

Are you an entrepreneur or a business person? Although this question might call for an easy answer, I have met several successful business people who claim to be entrepreneurs, but fail the test. To abolish the ambiguity, this series of five posts reveals the top five attributes that define the line between innovative [...]


Mine Your Mind: Borrowed Intellect?

Being a leader entails recognizing weaknesses in your education and training, and finding ways to fill the gaps. By surrounding yourself with people who are intelligent, knowledgeable and willing to teach you, you will add to your own collective pool of knowledge; in essence you borrow a set of wrenches until you develop a [...]


The Household Dilemma: The Outsourcing Model

When evaluating your schedule, organize your time into two baskets. The first basket is allocated for work and the second symbolizes time to be spent with your family. In my twenties and thirties, I allocated about ninety percent of my time towards work and had only about ten percent left over for my [...]


Holy Virus

While establishing my consulting business and legal practice in London (with the help of Sara, a professional associate), I decided to set up and implement ten rules for engaging with our business.
The rules reflected our firm belief that the workplace should be a safe place for everyone, including rule number one: “Don’t be afraid, you [...]


Jeanette Rankin: A Pioneer

In 1917, Jeanette Rankin was elected as the first female in Congress, and she is the only female Congresswoman from the state of Montana. Although the 19th Amendment was not passed until 1920, Rankin’s home state had already granted women the right to vote.
The Onset of World War I
Just four days after Rankin entered [...]